PR Restaurants was founded by David Peterman and Mitch Roberts in 1997. The company was formed with the intended purpose of creating the best restaurant organization in New England.
David and Mitch met while working together at Au Bon Pain during the time that Panera and Au Bon Pain were under the same ownership. They liked the Panera Bread concept so much that they decided to form their own company and become franchisees. Together they own the right to develop the Panera Bread concept throughout northern New England.

From humble beginnings to being named as the 2023 Fast Casual Restaurant of the Year by the Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA)!
David has an extensive restaurant operations background, including a fifteen-year career with Pepsi Co., whose employ he left as the VP of New Concepts for Taco Bell. David went on to join Au Bon Pain as the Senior VP of Operations.

Mitch served as VP of Development for Au Bon Pain, developing sites for Au Bon Pain and Panera Bread concepts. Mitch’s development expertise and David’s operational know-how complement each other perfectly. To capitalize on this coordination of talents, they founded PR Restaurants.

The Company plans to continue its expansion of the Panera Bread concept into New Hampshire and Maine, as well as the northern and western portions of Massachusetts. In addition, they are actively looking for new restaurant concepts in which to expand.

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